About Dan Gouker and
Details R Everything

Dan Gouker has a great passion for quality vehicles and loves supporting DIY car enthusiasts.

As an extreme car and truck enthusiast himself since the early 70s, he has always appreciated the look of elegant, pristine, well-cared-for automobiles.

We find that the SWAG Detailing Products are top-of-the-line when it comes to automobile detailing for lifelong exterior vehicle protection and beauty.

SWAG provides a high-performance, eco-responsible range of low water and waterless car washes & waxes and car detailing products alongside the already popular detailing methods.

  • Waterless, no Hose Bucket Wash & Foam Car Washes
  • Powder-Free Detailing Compound
  • Powder-Free Detailing Polish
  • New Polymer Polish & Paint Protection Technology
  • Streak-Free Window Cleaner
  • Vehicle Tire Cleaner & Shine
  • All-in-One Polymer Waxes For the Entire Auto Exterior
  • All-in-One Cleaner For the Entire Auto Interior & Exterior

SWAG Auto Detailing Products produce a crystal clear mirror image!

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